Fire Restoration

Due to the unpredictability and high damage potential of a fire, restoring and rebuilding afterwards can be physically and mentally exhausting for a property owner. The rebuilding or restoring process of a property following a fire can be complex and overwhelming for the unprepared. Fortunately, Antrim Construction is able to relieve property owners of these stresses as our well trained and certified response team is capable of returning a property back to original conditions.

Assessment of Damage and Emergency Procedures

The initial damage is catalogued at this time, and a plan is put in place which outlines the best course of action to return the property to pre-loss conditions. Appropriate remedies are considered and often a restoration plan is developed and detailed repair specifications are prepared allowing for a comprehensive repair and restoration estimate.

Antrim Construction immediately begins an emergency pre-cleaning and sterilization of the property and its applicable contents should the need arise. The acidic and corrosive residues created by a fire can result in permanent damage to many substances if not cleaned promptly.

Pack Outs

Depending on the severity of the incident, it may be appropriate to pack out and remove the contents from a structure involved in a fire. Salvageable materials that require immediate attention are sent to the nearest Antrim Construction facility, while unharmed materials may be catalogued and stored on site.

Smoke and Odour

Antrim Construction utilizes the latest equipment and technology designed to rid a property of smoke and odour while remaining environmentally friendly. The type of odour is determined by the nature of materials burned; synthetic substance, natural substance, protein substance, or combinations. Odour treatment is accomplished both on-site and within an Antrim Construction facility. The sources of the odour are removed from the site and existing HVAC systems are cleaned and maintained to ensure the complete removal of toxins and contaminates. Contents that undergo treatment at our facility often remain in storage until the property is restored to a more appropriate state.

Structural Restoration

Having completed the necessary steps involved in ridding the property of odours, toxins, and contaminates, the structural restoration process begins. Antrim Construction’s objective is to return the structure to its pre-damaged state as best as possible. Additional assessments of the property are taken to mitigate the chances of unforeseen damage surfacing prior to completion. These steps ensure that a property is taken back to a sanitary and structurally sound condition before the contents are returned.