Industry Links

The Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) is a non-profit organization funded and directed by industry. The Association consists of construction industry volunteers supported by a team of professionals based out of offices in Edmonton, Calgary and in Fort McMurray. All the people involved with the ACSA, from the origin of the idea to the present, share a common vision: through cooperative efforts of all those involved, the construction environment in Alberta will be the safest anywhere.

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) is a resource for general information about industrial hygiene.

The Certified Contents Restoration Network (CCRN) has been trained and certified to restore smoke, soot, water, and even sewage contaminated soft contents and laundry. CCRN members have undergone a strict certification process to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all parties involved – most importantly the policyholder. The equipment, supplies, and processes used by CCRN have proven in independent laboratory studies to clean, restore and remove organic and non-organic contaminants.

The Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) is an independent organization that manages workers' compensation insurance based on legislation.

The Fireline Systems resource contains valuable information on the hard contents sanitation systems that Antrim utilizes.

The Esporta resource contains information on our soft content cleaning process. www.esporta.ca

The Sustainable Solutions Are Antrim’s answer to using green environmental friendly products.

Antrim’s staff member’s are trained and regularly updated with the IICRC training required in our ever changing industry.