Antrim Construction is committed to excellence and employs well educated and certified technicians who work on and off the field. We offer numerous services to your situations that are involved in Water, Fire, Contents and Multi Perils. Each restoration category has a unique approach, with each restorative process tailored to meet the needs of the property owner.

The professionals at Antrim understand what you are going through and our highly trained staff is here to support you through the entire recovery process. Upon arrival:

While the damages of a flood differ greatly from those of a fire, Antrim approaches each and every disaster restoration with the goal of total revitalization of the property. We utilize the following approach for every disaster restoration:

Immediate Assessment Sustainable Solutions
Emergency Damage Control Site Reconstruction
Site Restoration Multi Perils
Content  Manipulation    


Immediate Assessment

Starts with the initial call to our office which is answered in person 24 / 7 / 365

A Claim Report is completed and one of our Project Managers is contacted with the contact details.

The Project Manager is responding within 30 Minutes and will get more details of your loss and the Emergency service is in progress.

Emergency Damage Control

Our next step is to arrive at the location of the loss and asses the Emergency procedures to put into place.

Documentation is filled out and a Game plan is explained as to whatever steps are required to prevent further damage after the loss occurs.

Site Restoration

The key to successful restoration is to work with our Restoration specialists who have the required training and experience to minimize your loss. The goal of Antrim’s restoration process is to transform an abnormally wet or potentially damaged structure into an environment that can be reoccupied in the most economical and efficient means possible.

Content Manipulation

Antrim will treat your Contents with the utmost care by using the most up to date products, equipment and technical information and procedures available. Our Content Division is trained to perform the restorative services and ensure professionalism, consistency and quality.

Sustainable Solutions

Antrim is helping the environment by using green products to clean and disinfect the areas involved.

Botanical Disinfectants and Cleaners
Benefect is a revolutionary plant-based technology that is registered with Health Canada as a hospital grade disinfectant. It kills bacteria, mold and viruses that may result from a property loss and is also ideal for use around those with chemical sensitivities, pets, young children or respitory illnesses. For more information, please visit

Vaportek Odor Neutralization
Vaportek's compound is an odor neutralizer. It modifies the olfactory nature of unwanted odors to a point of odor disappearance. When two substances of given concentrations are mixed, the resulting odor may be far less intense than that of separate components. This is the principle behind odor modification, or neutralization, and the basis for Vaportek's odor neutralizing products. For more information, please visit

Site Reconstruction

Once the premises are clean, dry and sanitary a damage assessment is made to determine what repair and restoration may be required. Once additional areas of damage are determined and addressed, repair and restoration can proceed. Because of its very nature, the full extent of damage due to the intrusion of water cannot always be determined at the onset.

The assessment and restoration of damage can be an ongoing process, and one that takes time to complete. "Disaster Restoration" is typically more involved and complicated than new construction.
By using the industries advanced estimating system Antrim can provide timely, thorough and accurate estimates to the insurance industry which allows us to manage the workflow from the emergency response straight into the restoration reconstruction process. A work scope is provided and discussed with the insured, any changes will be clarified and Homeowner Work Authorization is required prior to any work being started. Our support staff is made up of specialists in the required trades to complete every phase of the reconstruction.

Multi Perils

Antrim is always prepared; 7 / 24 /365 days, to respond to these catastrophes. We keep a good supply of personnel and materials ready to roll on a moment’s notice.