Water Restoration

Due to both direct physical damage and potential health implications water can be a very destructive substance for indoor environments.

Antrim Construction is well equipped to handle all types of water damage including flooding, waste/sewage backup, and excessive moisture issues. The completion of a water based restoration exists within three separate phases: the initial assessment, water removal and drying, and repair and restoration.

Initial Assessment

The initial assessment of a water-based incident is the most essential step in mitigating the issues at hand. Antrim Construction ensures that a proper analysis of the entire area is completed in order to determine the most appropriate course of action during the restoration and rebuilding stages.

The origin and category of the water as well as its path of travel through the structure are evaluated. Potential resulting damage is assessed, with all structural components and contents considered.

Water Removal & Drying

Immediately following the initial assessment, the removal and extraction of standing water begins. Depending on the severity of the incident, personal items and contents may be moved or relocated to prevent further damage. All salvageable materials are itemized and sent away for restoration in the nearest Antrim Construction facility. All effected surfaces are treated with either a sanitizer, microbiological inhibitor, or both, to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Drying equipment in the form of high-speed blowers and/or dehumidifiers are installed and positioned to quickly dry down the entire structure.

Repair & Restoration

Once the premises are clean, dry and sanitary a damage assessment is made to determine what repair and restoration may be required. During this phase, structural changes are made to the location if necessary. The salvageable items are returned to the location upon completion of their own unique restorative process and unsalvageable items are rebuilt or replaced.