Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Restoration.

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Fire Damage Restoration – What You Should Know.

My property has just suffered a devastating fire. What do I do now?

We will liaison with your insurance company to get mitigation procedures started immediately.

  • This can involve the inventorying and evaluation of salvageable and non-salvageable items
  • The relocation of salvageable items to our facility for cleaning and repair
  • The demolition procedures required to start the mitigation process.

Our staff will explain the entire process to you, supply and complete the requisite documentation, and answer any questions you might have concerning the restoration procedures we will be taking.

Our ultimate intent is to reduce your anxiety, and make you feel less overwhelmed.

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How is all of my fire damage going to be repaired?

There are several facets to accomplishing a procedure as complicated as a Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Project. It requires professional, dedicated personnel, and precise communication between the client, the insurer and the contractor.

Are all Fires the same?

No, many elements and environments determine the type of fire, soot and smoke residue are left behind. A fast burning fire that has plenty of oxygen spreads very quickly and leaves little soot residue due to the complete combustion. It is easier to clean up but there is usually considerable structure damage as it also spreads quickly. A slow burning fire that is allowed to smolder for a time before it ignites creates considerably more residue and if there are a lot of plastics or rubber involved the residue will be thick and difficult to remove.

What is a protein fire?

A protein fire or contamination is caused by meat left unattended and thus begins to burn and give off smoke. Even though there is little visual evidence of the event, the removal of the smoke and subsequent odor can be very involved and require extensive cleaning of all hard surfaces and fabrics like curtains and upholstered furniture. To effectively re-mediate the situation one must start at the source and work out from there until all affected areas are cleaned.

Can you clean household items that have been through a fire and are contaminated with smoke and odor?

With today’s technology using the Fireline ultrasonic cleaning system along with the Esporta soft contents wash system more and more items can be effectively cleaned and returned in record time. The only limits would be if there was areas scorched but even then, with good wood refinishing available some of these precious furnishings and personal items can be repaired and restored very effectively.