Has Your Property Been Damaged By A Storm – We Can Help!

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Storm Damage Restoration Services

Disaster comes in many forms: Wind, Hail, Snow Load, Freezing, Snow Load Vehicle Impact, Theft, Vandalism or Building Collapse
Storm damage is a very common occurrence.

To minimize disruption and get your life back on track after your property is damaged you need fast, professional Storm Damage Restoration service.

From downed trees to roofs blown completely off, an immediate response can be the difference between losing everything and having your life back in a few short days.

In the advent of a third party cause of loss to your property Antrim is at the ready to assist you with an Emergency Response team.

Storm damage to your home - we can help!

Initial Assessment

The initial assessment of any natural or man made incident is the most essential step in mitigating the issues at hand. Antrim Construction ensures that a proper analysis of the entire area is completed in order to determine the most appropriate course of action during the restoration and rebuilding stages.

The origin and category of the water as well as its path of travel through the structure are evaluated. Potential resulting damage is assessed, with all structural components and contents considered.