Antrim Will Restore Your Property & Belongings After A Disaster.

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Property and Belongings Damage to Restoration FAQs

How will you restore my personal belongings?

Some items can be restored on site. For items that need to be removed for de-contamination or repair, we will prepare an inventory specifying the make and model of each item and the condition of the items prior to and after the incident.

This analysis will be supplied to the client and the Insurer to ensure that all work is traceable, and that proper mitigation procedures have been followed.

What about items that cannot be cleaned or restored?

The experienced personnel at Antrim will work with you to provide your insurance company with a concise and detailed non-salvageable materials inventory of damaged items. The final decision on whether to dispose of any item will be made by your insurance company adjuster.

Do not throw away items, however bad they look, until you have informed the loss adjuster. Your input as to the condition, salvage ability, and value is extremely important in helping to recover proper reparation for non-salvageable items.

What should I do about items of particular monetary or sentimental value?

You should advise us about any items that may require special attention. You should also advise the claims adjuster. These items will be properly catalogued by our staff, and stored until a claims determination can be made.

What procedure will be used to clean and deodorize my contents?

Antrim uses state of the art equipment, non-toxic chemicals, and procedures to restore your contents.
All soft materials such as clothing and furniture will be cleaned and decontaminated using the most effective procedures available in the industry.

In addition, all soft materials will be treated for smoke odor utilizing Ozone or the latest technological system called theHydroxyl Generatorthat completely remove odors without masking them with “cover-up” scents.

Hard contents such as wood furniture will be wiped down with an industry approved eco-friendly material that will remove all remnants of oils and other deposits left by smoke deposits. These items will also be Ozoned or Hydroxled.

What is the procedure for ensuring that my home will be odor free?

After the determination is made as to what materials will be removed from the structure, Antrim will begin the process of “decontaminating” the remainder of the structure. Any structural materials that are not physically damaged beyond salvage ability, will be treated in a variety of ways to ensure that the structure is completely odor free.

How do you perform the Odor removal?

Total and complete odor removal from the structure can only be achieved by means of removing any remaining airborne chemical bonds. This is achieved by virtue of utilizing either a Standard Ozone Machine or the latest technological system called the Hydroxyl Generator.

The type of fire, extent of damage, and the complexity of the structure will dictate which system will be used.

Upon completion of the structural restoration, all remaining structural materials, as well as permanent fixtures such as cabinetry, mirrors, tubs, showers, etc., will be thoroughly cleaned using the same cleaning methodology used during the restoration process.

Can I use televisions and other electrical items that may have been affected?

These items should not be used until they have been assessed and if necessary, cleaned and re-evaluated.

Is it safe for me to stay in my property while smoke removal is performed?

Though the chemicals we use are non-toxic, they can cause irritation for some people. This can be determined by the severity of the contamination and will be determined by the adjuster and family health concerns.